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GB Viz VIGO Bifocal Sports Sunglasses | +1.0 to +3.0 | 100% UV Protection | See Your Goals!

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Whether for cycling or other sports and leisure activities GB Viz VIGO bifocal sports sunglasses are specifically designed to fit the purpose and look good too.

For athletes and leisure riders/runners struggling to see their cycle computer, sports tracker, or activity band, GB Viz has launched its innovative off-the-shelf bi-focal sports glasses.

See the road ahead clearly when you're cycling and also be able to read your handlebar mounted cycling computer or phone clearly and easily for directions and other data without having to change your position.

GB Viz sunglasses are made to the same tolerances, standard and quality of other high-end designer sunglasses.

Our glasses come with a choice of prescription lens from +1.0 to +3.0 to suit most customers. If you need help with selecting the diopter (magnification) of your lens then please download our guide here: SELECTING THE PROPER STRENGTH FOR YOUR GLASSES

Unsing an ANSI standard clarity polycarbonate lenses, the main lens is optically plain, merging into a lower section with optically accurate (better than +/- 0.5% radius of curvature) ‘+’ dioptre magnifications. At launch, GB Viz sunglasses are available in +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5 and +3.0 dioptre versions, covering the common bases for most long-sighted users.

The anti-fog vents keep the glasses clear so your vision is not impeded.

These lens are safety tested so you can be sure these glasses will protect your eyes when needed from flying debris. Plus they'll also shield your eyes from the wind and rain.

100% UV Protection to reduce eyestrain and eliminate disorienting glare - moulded earstems for a snug comfortable fit - travel case and cleaning cloth included - wide and deep field of vision - wraparound lens - for improved visibility and protection.

The high quality Sabic lenses used in GB Viz glasses are tinted neutral grey with 15% light transmission (Category 3), suitable for bright, sunny days. They block 100% UV-A and UV-B radiation, and pass ISO 179 standard for impact resistance to fend off even the UK’s biggest bugs.  The lens design incorporates a wide field of vision, long (55mm) frontal drop so there is less need to tilt your head down to see devices, and anti-fog vents at the top.

The polycarbonate frame material was chosen for its low weight, flexibility, and robustness, with the hinges protected from the elements by the arms when being worn. Removeable earpiece sections of the arms state the dioptre of the lens for easy identification. The design is finished with a soft rubber nosepiece.

Weighing in at only 38g, and supplied with a hard-shell case and cleaning wipes.

Designed by cyclists for cyclists.

GB Viz is a registered trademark of Gower Health & Fitness Solutions Limited.


GBViz VIGO Bifocal Sports Sunglasses