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Vitamin K2 MK7 100mcg Capsules

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90 vegan super capsules. All-natural rice fillers with enhanced Bioactive Vitamin K formula. 3 month supply. Gluten-free and non-GMO.

SUPPORT HEART HEALTH. Vitamin K2 activates a protein responsible for limiting the buildup of calcium deposits in the arteries. Calcium deposits eventually form a plaque that can harden the arteries and negatively affect cardiovascular health.

MORE BIOACTIVE FORM OF VITAMIN K. Vitamin K2 is fat soluble, which makes it more bioavailable in the gut than the water-soluble vitamin K1. The MK-7 isoform allows this form of vitamin K2 to circulate around the body for longer periods of time — giving it more time to do its job.

ASSIST BONE FORMATION. One of the primary components of our bones — calcium requires the help of vitamin K to join with other structural elements like osteocalcin. Without it, we’re unable to maintain the structural integrity of our bones.

MANUFACTURED IN ISO LICENSED FACILITIES IN THE UK. Our UK based team of experts source only the highest quality ingredients that meet our strict quality control standards. Gower Health Vitamin K capsules are Vegetarian & Vegan friendly, free from GMOs, Gluten & Dairy.

THE GOWER HEALTH PROMISE: As a family run business we are small enough to be able to personally oversee quality on the small batches we produce. All of our products are manufactured in the UK in GMP and ISO 9001 Licensed Facilities meaning the strictest quality standards are adhered to.