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5-HTP 400mg Tablets

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400mg Griffonia Seed Extract Supplement | 180 High Strength Vegan Capsules for Adults | Aids Sleep & Mood Support Capsule | Non GMO and Gluten Free

HIGH STRENGTH, GREAT VALUE.Each serving of 1 daily capsules contains 400mg of 5-HTP sourced from Griffonia seed. Each bottle contains 180 capsules providing great value for money with a 6 month supply.

PROMOTES BETTER SLEEP QUALITY. Too many sleepless nights? Enjoy deep and restful sleep with the help of our 5-HTP tablets! This supplement is a potent yet gentle and non-habit forming sleep aid.

NATURALLY BOOSTS SEROTONIN LEVELS. Research shows that 5-HTP can support serotonin production in the body, which leads to a more balanced mood, reduces irritability, and helps manage stress.

SUPPORTS HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS. Many people also take 5-HTP because of its appetite suppressing properties. With its help, your diet will no longer be ruined by constant hunger cravings.

THE GOWER HEALTH PROMISE. As a small family run business we are small enough to be able to personally oversee quality on the small batches we produce. All of our products are manufactured in the UK in GMP and ISO 9001 Licensed Facilities meaning the strictest quality standards are adhered to.