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11 Reasons Why You Should Check out Gower Health Supplements

According to research, only 33% of adults in the UK are consuming adequate nutrients in their diets. This means that a whopping 67% of UK adults are malnourished without even knowing it.

Malnutrition leads to numerous serious health problems, some of which are irreversible including cancer, diabetes, stunted growth, and even death. 

If you are not conscious about your dietary choices, you are putting your health at serious risk. If you are not ready to change your diet yet, you need to add essential health supplements, such as Gower health, to your diet.

The only question is what are the most essential health supplements to take, and why should you be adding them to your daily diet?

Thankfully, we've created this article to answer those questions. Keep on reading to learn what the best Gower health supplements are, what they do, and the reasons why you should include them into your diet!

Let's get started!

1. You Are Not Getting Adequate Nutrition in Your Current Diet

A well-balanced diet is not only essential to have a healthy functioning body, but it is also essential to stay alive.

A healthy diet consists of a wide range of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals from various sources of ingredients. This includes various coloured vegetables, different fruits, lean meats, healthy fats, adequate fibre, and whole grains.

According to a study done by the government of the UK, only 54% of adults over the age of 16 years consumed 5 servings of fruit per day. The fruit is only a small portion of a healthy diet as most nutrients come from vegetable sources. 

By consuming Gower health supplements, you are ensuring that you are adding your body's essential back into your diet.

This does not mean that you can still avoid a healthy diet whatsoever! However, this will help you as you learn to make the transition into a healthier lifestyle. 

2. Poor Digestion

While some people may have a great nutritional diet, they could be struggling with digestive issues that prevent their body from absorbing essential nutrients. 

It's no longer only about what you eat. It is also about what and how you absorb.

Certain medications, such as NSAIDs, have side effects that can completely slow down your body's ability to digest, absorb, and assimilate nutrients from food. 

Digestive disorders such as leaky gut syndrome, IBS, Chrones disease, acid reflux, and celiac disease all inhibit your body from being able to pull in the nutrients from your diet.

By adding health supplements to your diet, you are improving your body's ability to absorb better and fill in the gaps where you are not getting the nutrients that your body needs.

3. Weight Loss

If you have been struggling with weight loss yet cannot seem to make any changes, chances are that you need a health supplement to help you lose that unwanted fat.

Most weight-loss or fitness diets lack in a wide range of phytonutrients. They instruct people to consume the same meals every day for a week, which causes a depletion of essential vitamins.

This means that, while you believe you are eating healthy, you are essentially starving yourself of nutrients. This causes your body to go into a deprivation or 'famine' mode and hold on to anything that will keep it alive, which is your fat storage. 

To lose that unwanted weight from your midsection, you need to fuel your body properly with essential health supplements that help with weight loss.

4. Hormonal Health

Your hormonal system, also known as your endocrine system, controls nearly every single function in your body. This includes heat regulation, enzyme production, sleep, energy, development, and digestion.

If your diet is not right for your body or if you are not digesting properly, this will ultimately affect your hormonal levels. To correct your hormonal levels, you need to take the right health supplements that help with hormonal balance such as Berberine. 

Berberine not only helps with fat loss by reducing the hunger hormone leptin, but it also helps to balance both male and female hormones.

5. Mood Regulation 

Your mood can have a lot more to do with your health than you may think. If your body is not performing optimally, it can immediately affect your overall well-being. This ultimately will affect your sleep levels and lead to depression, anxiety, etc. 

Many studies lately have discovered the direct correlation between a poor diet with depression and mental illnesses.

Your gut is directly connected to your brain and its ability to produce dopamine, serotonin, and other feel-good chemicals. 

Gower has many health supplements that can improve your mood and sleep, such as 5-HTP, vitamin K2, and Magnesium Glycinate.

6. Joint Health

Taking care of your joint health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Without healthy bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, your joints are at risk for painful problems.

This includes developing malformations, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, joint disease, and more. 

A poor diet causes a high inflammation response in the body, which immediately affects your joints and causes a lot of pain. By taking joint pain supplements, you are ensuring that you are reducing inflammation and feeding the nourishment that your joints need to operate functionally.

7. Energy Support

Many people feel that their lack of energy is due to their lack of sleep. While some of this may be true, there are many more causes as to why people are tired.

Many reasons for low energy include:

  • A poor diet
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Lack of exercise
  • Anaemia
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Fibromyalgia

If you have persistent fatigue, it could be much deeper-rooted than just not sleeping well. Taking an energy-boosting health supplement will help you to feel more alert, improved mood, and better energy throughout the day. 

8. Antioxidant Support

We live in a stressful environment which is full of toxins that can affect our entire body system. Many of these toxins are silent killers, and there is just research coming out now just how harmful they are on our body. 

These environmental toxins include pesticides, auto-fumes, volatile organic compounds, fragrances, chemicals, fluoride, and so much more.

Thankfully, antioxidants come to the rescue and reduce that oxidative stress that these toxins have on our bodies. They combat free-radicals that we either ingest, inhale, or absorb through the air and help keep our cells clean.

One of these powerful antioxidants is trans-resveratrol, which also acts as an anti-carcinogenic, anti-tumour, and prevents hormonal damage. 

9. Health Supplements Help With Poor Lifestyle Habits

The more unhealthy your lifestyle is, the more you need to increase your nutrient intake. If you live in a polluted city, smoke, drink alcohol or deal with a lot of stress, you need to nourish your body more than someone who does not partake in those activities.

Not only do these activities negatively impact your health, but they also strip your body of the nutrients you are currently consuming, which is why you need to consume even more.

Drugs deplete your body's levels of vitamin B, C, D, E, and selenium. They also wreak havoc on your digestive system, which causes your intestinal flora to go out of whack.

If you are not ready to drop your poor lifestyle habits, you must at least start taking health supplements that can help to combat the destruction those choices have on your health. 

10. Changes in Food Agriculture

You may have a perfect diet full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and essential macronutrients. Yet, due to the transportation of food, you are not getting in the nutrient levels that you think you are.

From depleted soils to fertilizers, food additives, and GMO seeds, our food is far from being as nutrient-dense as it was 100 years ago.

Numerous studies have discovered an alarming drop in soil mineral levels. One study discovered that the mineral levels in some vegetable soils dropped as low as 77% less than they should be while another study discovered that soil is over 37% less dense in vitamins than it used to be.

Our soil is being stripped of health and vitality due to the demands for mass-production and genetically modified foods.

To ensure your diet has enough nourishment, it is important to add a daily health supplement to your health regime.

11. Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle

The more you work out, the more nutrients your body needs to replenish and rebuild itself. Activities, such as strength training, swimming, boxing, aerobics, walking, cycling, jogging, HIIT training, yoga, and CrossFit, are all wonderful forms of exercise, which require your body to produce a lot of effort.

If you partake in sports or any of the above exercises, you must help your body to repair itself by not only feeding it a healthy diet but also adding in health supplements to fill in the gaps. 

Learn More About Gower Health Supplements

There you have it! The complete guide to understanding the many benefits of adding health supplements to your daily health regime. 

Please note that it is important that you speak with your doctor before adding any new supplements to your diet.

Gower health is a family-owned company that just as much about your health as we do about our own. If you found this article helpful and would like to learn more about health supplementation, feel free to contact us at any time!